About us

SMG Engineering Consulting Ltd. is founded on more than 15 years of experience in building service engineering planning and university research. The company considers engineering, technical work, supporting the client in all aspect as its main aim. The enterprise started in April 1997 after retirement from an office, which was pursuing mechanical building service design entirely. The dynamically working corporation SMG-SISU Budapest, Engineering Consulting Ltd. was launched by the fusion of two companies, SMG and SISU Budapest, thus becoming a member of SISU Group (www.sisugroup.com), to gain a strong position in the market of building service engineering and energy rationalisation of industry sector. "Experts at Your Service" the slogan of SISU Group covers an organisation of Europe wide engineering consulting offices, that possesses altogether more than 100 years of technical experience and knowledge in building services. Our aim is to provide full design and consulting service in building services, to integrate mechanical, electrical, building management, access and safety surveillance services design from concept to the completion of the project. The company based its strength on wide technical experience of many years consulting in this field, the established clientele and last but not least the harmonically working environment between our young colleagues and freelancer experts.

Working with nowadays leading systems, equipment we are able to provide flexible co-operation with our partners and full service of engineering towards our customers. Our firm improves the wide opportunity of telecommunication, we have internet connection and e-mail address, web page. We are able to communicate with our foreign customers, colleagues knowing the Hungarian market up to date, mainly in English and German.

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H 1036 Bp., Lajos u. 74-76, Tel.: 700-4780, Fax: 700-4787 E-mail: office@smg-sisu.hu